Never forget



Sheís still standing in the harbor as she has for all these years

But if you look more closely, you might see the tears.

She cries for all her loved ones, which were killed, behind her back,

By evil men who used her people in their diabolical attack.

As blood ran down the towers and mingled with the dust

America grew stronger, we believe in God We Trust

We have not been defeated, our resolve is stronger still

Lady Liberty is not bowing and she never will

Her torch lights the path to freedom, as Americans resolve

We are one nation, indivisible, united under God

Our nation is in mourning but sheís not dressed in black,

The colors of Old Glory cover the wounds of the attack

These towers reached to Heaven for the many who were lost

Let us vow to route this evil, no matter what the cost.

The eagleís poised for take off, her wings spread across our land,

Her talons hold the weapons for the battle thatís at hand.

With hearts that have been broken, we have become more strong

As people come together and vow to right this wrong.

We pray to God for guidance as he watches from above

Please God, Bless America, the land that we love.

-Sue Ikerd

(posted September 15, 2001)

In memory of the New York Emergency Service Workers
Stairway to Heaven

They were on their way to Heaven as they hurried up the stairs,

Not only were they heroes, they were angels unaware.

Just going about their duties as they had so many times before

Little did they realize they were soldiers in a war.

As the victims fled the buildings on that tragic fateful day

These brave men hurried past them with no thought to harmís way

We can hear the bagpipes clearly as they play Amazing Grace

In salute to fallen comrades who are in a better place

We can see their fearless faces as up those stairs they trod

Right into the gates of Heaven and before the throne of God

-Sue Ikerd
(posted September 15, 2001)

Lou Nacke, Jeremy Glick, Mark Bingham, Todd Beamer, Tom Burnett
Flight to Glory

The sun was shining brightly, there was autumn in the air

As the planes were being boarded, no one seemed to have a care.

There were businessmen, accountants, fathers, mothers, brothers, friends,

Sisters, teachers, children, preachers, unaware their life would end.

As their plane took off that morning, no one knew what was in store,

Unaware there riding with them, that the devil was on board.

On that day these common people became uncommon in our eyes

They emerged as heroes on that morning facing terror in the skies

We will never know their stories and the selfless deeds they wrought

But we know they all were heroes and their acts wonít be forgot

As they telephoned their loved ones one last time to say goodbye

To tell each one how much they loved them, as they were about to die

We are left in awe to wonder if we had been there in their place

Would we too have had the courage to meet this terror face to face

We will never know the target and how many lives were saved

By these unsuspecting heroes, oh, so valiant, oh, so brave

Unaware their destination as they left this earthly sod

These brave souls were bound for Glory, destination, home with God

We are left on earth to ponder what the future has in store

As our country comes together at the beginning of the war

We too may walk through the valley of the shadow as our test

We pray that we may have the courage to step forward with our best

They have given the example, paid the supreme price in the end

"Greater Love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends"

-Sue Ikerd

(posted September 18, 2001)


As people went to work that Tuesday, it was just a normal day

Everyone was in a hurry, didnít have too much to say

Living life at such a fast pace, stress and pressure everywhere

No one had time to visit, time to show how much they cared

Then the unthinkable happened, lives were changed upon that morn

As the planes crashed into the buildings, a new spirit here was born

No more will we take for granted family, friends, all those we love

Each day we vow to remember as the eagle flies above

We pray for those innocent victims, who had done nothing wrong,

We thank God for this great country and ask for courage to be strong

As our nation comes together and we draw our loved ones near

This tragic day will be remembered when the Eagle shed a tear

-Sue Ikerd
(posted September 20, 2001)


As I looked out of my window there seemed no need for alarm,

The cows were grazing peacefully in the pasture on our farm,

But then I realize it was all not just a dream

As I turn on the TV and see again that tragic scene

Of men digging in the rubble where those great towers once loomed high

Tears keep on flowing while Americans ask, Why?

As Congress sang "God Bless America" in unison, without scorn

A new day of faith and love of this country has been born

As I think of how the nation came together on that day

Church doors were flung open, and people bowed to pray

They reached out a helping hand to not only friends but strangers

In many selfless acts and deeds regardless of the danger

Loved ones were more important than trophy homes or gold

Money has no meaning if the devil owns your soul

As our country joined in mourning, we reassessed our lives

From this day forward we vow to change the way that we prioritize

God and family must come first, our time here may be short

The things that are most dear to us are those that canít be bought

We mourn those lost at the Pentagon, Pennsylvania and New York too

We pray this loss wonít be in vain as we again renew

Our resolve to honor their memories as they look down from above

And vow to tell the world our God is not a God of hate but love

Our country rediscovered God on that frightful day

He has always been here but we had strayed away

As we watch Old Glory unfurling in the breeze

We thank God for all his blessings as we get down on our knees

God gave us the greatest gift, sent to a world of strife

That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

-Sue Ikerd

(posted September 27, 2001)


As the reality of that day sets in, we begin asking Why?

How could You have let this happen God, we begin to cry.

How could a God of love allow such a cowardly deed

We expect You to always be there to supply our every need

Even when weíre too busy and donít have the time for You

Thereís so many other pressing things in our hectic lives to do

We try to make it to our church at least a couple of times a year

And we might even say a prayer but we canít let others hear

Religionís not in vogue now, it hasnít been for awhile

Along with marriage and the Golden Rule, itís just not in style

But God we need You now we cry through our many tears

You have been here for our country for over 200 years

But God had never left us, even when we turned our back

He is not responsible for the terrorist attack

Satan and his demons plotted the evil acts that day

He used the minds of others in this most demonic way

Remember Job in the Bible and the trials he went through

God asked him, "When I formed this earth, Job, where were you?"

How can we begin to comprehend Your wisdom and Your ways?

Weíve known from birth our time on earth would be numbered in the days

We blame You for the bad things but we take credit for the good

The message that You gave has not been understood

No other gods before You that is Your firm demand

To love your neighbor as yourself is Your perfect plan

God is not just a convenience although Heís always there

Daily we must walk with Him in actions and in prayer

We donít know when our life may end, this we just arenít told

We must use this time to prepare for the destination of our soul

The worldly goals that we strive for are fleeting at the best

The wealth we have and fame we seek will not pass the final test

Our hearts have to be right with God when we reach our earthly end

So when we arrive at Heavenís Gates Heíll say " My servant come on in"

-Sue Ikerd

(posted October 3, 2001)


They were there with Washington when our country was given birth

Because they fought for freedom, we are the greatest land on earth

They stepped forth again in 1812 to keep our country free

As Old Glory kept on flying, they heard, "Oh say can you see"

They fought in numerous battles down through the many years

As sons and daughters answered the call, mothers shed their tears

Our country was torn apart when brothers fought their brothers

But we became one nation under God, stronger than any other

In World War I we thought it was a war to end all wars

But little did we realize what else there was in store

The Greatest Generation gave their lives in World War II

The enemy was defeated for the red, white and blue

Then came Korea and again they answered to the call

And we can’t forget Viet Nam where so many gave their all.

These soldiers were looked down on, reviled and ridiculed

When all they did was bravely serve as they were asked to do.

As missiles found their targets in the War fought in the Gulf

We prayed for all our loved ones as they called old Sadam’s bluff

But now our country’s been attacked and terror’s everywhere

Once again we are in battle and the Eagle’s in the air

Our soldiers have again stepped forth, the brightest and the best

We know in truth they will prevail and past this vital test

We salute the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force

The bravery of our country comes from this our greatest source

Our President gave the order, the goal is just, we will not fail

Our resolve will not waiver, Peace and Freedom will prevail

As they fight for Enduring Freedom we stop awhile and pause

We know that we will conquer, there is justice in this cause

Please God we pray, watch over them, each and everyone

Give protection and your guidance to your daughters and your sons

We can hear these soldiers singing as we get down on our knee

"As He died to make men Holy, let us die to make men free"

-Sue Ikerd
(posted October 19, 2001)


As children we had heroes and it’s still true today

But now we define heroes in an entirely different way

We once had cardboard heroes, who entertained and played a part

But now we know true courage comes from deep within the heart

A hero doesn’t search for fame, their face is seldom known

They don’t seek recognition or their names carved into stone

A hero’s not a rock star, or an actor on a stage

They are not a famous athlete who gets highly paid

They are our friends and neighbors who may work down the street

You might not recognize them if one by chance you’d meet

But on that tragic Tuesday we finally realized

Just who true heroes are, as they appeared before our eyes

From the dust, debris and rubble as we saw each one emerge

Their faces were undaunted, their hearts were not deterred

They had risked their lives for others and some their life had gave

In the job they had been trained to do, for other's lives to save

Now they still search for their comrades, steadfast to the end

Their loyalty doesn’t waiver when they’re searching for a friend

They are New York’s finest, the bravest and the best

They have defined a hero, they have passed the greatest test.

They've renewed our faith in mankind, as Christ said we should be

"When you have done for the least of mine, then you have done for Me"

Sue Ikerd
(posted November 1, 2001)

This We Will Not Forget

As you attacked our great nation and the buildings disappeared

You thought you had destroyed us and filled our lives with fear

But your actions drew us together instead of tearing us apart

You did not destroy our cherished freedom, but gave us a new start

As our people became heroes, our hearts were filled with pride

And our country is now stronger because we know God is on our side

You reminded us how important God is in our lives each day

Your actions made it proper for us now to kneel and pray

Your terror won’t defeat us, we are stronger yet

And we vow to all the victims, we will not forget

We fly our flag more proudly, Ol’ Glory’s everywhere

We now know what it stands for as its colors fill the air

Your evil has shown us that we must always strive for good

We have new love of God and country that today is understood

We now proudly pledge allegiance to the flag of this great land

And we vow to tell the story so our children understand

And not forget the lessons that we had to again relearn

Our freedom is a heritage that by shed blood has been earned

We have a depth of commitment to ensure you will regret

Your attacks on our great nation, This We Will Not Forget

-Sue Ikerd
(posted November 6, 2001)


This Christmas in America

As we gather with our families in celebration this December

Our minds still wander back to that Tuesday in September

When we learned what was important on that day that changed our lives

That we must take time to cherish, sons and daughters, husbands, wives

We pray that as we now approach this Holy Christmas season

We will not forget that Jesus’ Birthday is the reason

For over 20 centuries His story has been told

On that silent night in Bethlehem, this story’s never old

God sent us the greatest Gift from His home above

In this gift He has shown us the purest form of love

Because God sent His only Son, we know He understands

How we now feel as we send ours to fight in foreign lands

In the sky so very long ago He placed a star to give direction

We pray that now He will watch over and give His safe protection

To our brave sons and daughters, until they are safely with us

We pray for the gift of peace for this and every Christmas

Help us to each learn the message you desire to impart

May we give the gift You seek, may we give to You our heart

- Sue Ikerd

© 2001 Sue Ikerd and Leah Savage